Saturday, December 5, 2009

Science Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

There is so much miserable shit in this world.

There's the a many wars. An economy that seems geared to either kill us all or return us to feudalism (the line's fifty-fifty either way.) And not to mention the constant and perpetual oppression that stems from the horror that everybody isn't just like yourself, and maybe you can turn a buck on that fact.

In this crapsack world, Mythbusters is a shining light of goodness.

I mean, yes there's Adam and Jamie and the whole "hey, science actually proves things! Knowledge is good and fun to acquire" message they cleverly disguise by blowing shit up with great abandon.

More than that, there is Kari Byron.

I love Kari Byron. Even if she did do a FHM spread, sigh.

I mean, first, she is a full-fledged member of the team. She works on all their advanced crazy toys. She's always there when they blow stuff up, and she has a ton of her own good ideas.

And the fact that she's a woman is never particularly comment upon. She's just another member of the build crew.

And she does all this stuff even when she's nine months pregnant. Which is awesome. There is something in me that delights at the sight of her swaddled in a bulletproof vest, testing their latest explosive craziness experiment.

Also, she does cool and weird conceptual art.

But beyond all that: you know what's cool? Today I'm watching an episode where they are testing whether or not you can really hold on to the roof or hood of a car if the person driving tries to do maneuvers to throw you off. So they build this boom rig attached to the car that will let them hang from it without flying off to their death.

And Adam paints it bright pink.

That is awesome. And it's symptomatic of the show, because for all of their We Love The Big Booms, it never is all about macho BS about how big their booms are. They need a color to make the boom show up on camera. They choose pink. No biggie.

Life should be more like Mythbusters.


  1. Kari Bryon - hell yes. Although I must confess I also have a bit of a soft spot for Adam Savage too.

    I miss having Sky. Mythbusters, cricket, er.... ok, just Mythbusters and the cricket then. But still. Ah well.

  2. I love mythbusters.