Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming Out, Staying In

New Below the Belt content!
I recently had an encounter with our mental health system. (I'm fine. Now.) I don't have to tell you that almost any encounter with our health system is embarrassing; that seems to be the state of American healthcare. But what do you think the frosting on my mortification cake--the little extra bit of humiliation to go with the spongy cake of being put in a room with no sharp corners and the delectable pudding filling of despair that having them take my belt away proved to be?

Having to out myself. Three times--once to the triage nurse, once to the nurse who took my vitals, and once to the doctor.


  1. Would it be forward of me to offer a virtual hug? It all sounds like a total lack of fun. I'm glad you are Fine Now, and send you good vibes and wishes for a much better-feeling New Year.

  2. I'm so very sorry that you've been having such a difficult time recently. May the new year be better for both of us!



    PS: I don't think I'll ever escape the junk mail in my old name. I guess I'll never be stealth with my mail carrier!

  3. @Donna--

    If it ever comes up, just tell him you're divorced ;) I mean, Shan't have to lie...

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your encounter. I know I've been prone to think of the post-op transitioned as never having to think about gender again and having perfect lives, but we both know that's not the reality of it.

    May the new year bring good things to us both.

  5. Damn that's rough. Not a good time for that kind of distraction. I hope you were treated well and I'm wish the best for you in the coming year.