Monday, December 7, 2009

Better Watch...Out!

So tonight, I had a choice in my TV watching. I could watch the new TNT show "Men of a Certain Age", about the World's Most Undercovered Topic--the ever so gentle male ego--or Ridiculous Wooden Puppets.

What Ridiculous Wooden Puppets, you ask? Surely you jest, Strawperson Reader I am having an imaginary conversation with! Why, these Ridiculous Wooden Puppets!

Except it wasn't even Rudolph! Rudolph would have been cool! No, it was the much-less well known Santa Claus is Coming to Town, narrated by Fred Astaire (you haven't lived until you've seen a Ridiculous Wooden Puppet representation of Fred Astaire dancing) and...Mickey Rooney? As Santa? Did I just type that right?

Anyway, Ridiculous Wooden Puppets is still better than Ridiculous Wooden Actors. Talking about, um, wood.

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