Thursday, March 4, 2010

Listen, Sister....

Hey, did you know that I am kinda sorta now on the Tumblr? And that it is also a good place to get your daily Sady Doyle fix on those days she is not conquering the internet in other places?

I am not so "hip" as these modern kids with their facey-spaces, but Tumblr  has been amusing me of late--and this was too good to miss:


  1. I think you need more than 4 posts to really be counted as "on tumblr".

  2. I have been given the Sady Doyle sanction of Non-Ghost Tumblr! Which is good enough for me. I mean, I was "on blogspot" when I had only two posts, da?

  3. Kinda ironic to see this coming from you, CL. Most of the criticisms thrown at hipsters in this video have to do with how feminine they are. Look how much he spends on hair! He wears tight jeans! He's smaller than you! Has a feminine walk! He wants to split the bill! OMG DON'T DATE HIM!