Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Reality

Oh, yeah, you know what time it is...time for REALITY TELEVISION:
OK, I'm dense: but "I Want to Work For Diddy" wasn't on my radar two years ago, and anyway, having a trans person on a reality show isn't that big a deal anymore; we're like the gay folks in the "Real World" reruns from the '90s, only with a lot less flannel shirts and Hole albums in the background.

So I don't know much about Ms. Cox, except I admire her for her success and for turning her 15 minutes of fame into a full half-hour. Kudos, ma'am, kudos.

But: is it good for teh Tranz?
You go, person of any gender!

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  1. All I can tell you about Ms. Cox is that she bumped me from being the trophy girl (you know, the person who hands the award to the presenter, who hands it to the winner) at the Fresh Fruit Awards. I did the job one year, I was asked to return the next year, and when I showed up at the ceremony in my formal gown I was told "We're doing something different this year." I can't say I was pleased.