Friday, October 30, 2009

Bloggity Blogity Blog Blog Blog Note

O HAI! Like, remember me? I used to post--sometimes more than once a week--on this here blog!

Sorry, ducks, I know I promised you more vitriol--I did try to deliver with tonight's offering--but getting caught up with things out here on the west coast has been demanding. Also, my main client is playing the "we're not going to pay you, nyah nyah nyah" game, which is awful fun--nothing like being far from home with two months income being held in hock.

HOWEVER, I am slowly regaining equilibrium--or, since this blog is about anything but that--massive amounts of rage, and will be writing more and more often. I promise--and I've never let you down before, except for all those other times. Ahem.

1 comment:

  1. You do what you need to. If blogging isn't needful, then you don't blog. Apologies aren't required. Especially when someone is being that shitty to you -- of course it puts you off balance.