Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Media Watch: Special Chan(n)eling Edition

Ducks! I almost forgot this bit of bizarreness in the upcoming September issue of Harper's Bazaar:

From “What Would Coco Do” in the September issue of Bazaar, wherein designer Karl Lagerfeld was asked to “channel the original fashion wit,” Coco Chanel:

HB: Your clothing liberated women in the 1920s. Are you still a feminist?

CC: I was never a feminist because I was never ugly enough for that.
Um. Wow. I know why they chose Lagerfeld (he's headed Chanel in the past) but still...a man being asked to channel one of the first major female designers? One of the first women to head her own house? And then to say she wasn't a feminist because she wasn't ugly?

Heh. Well you know what they say: ugly is as ugly does, Karl.

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  1. Yeah, this would be why I have issues with self-identifying feminists who also consume designer handbags and shoes from these fuckwits.