Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Headesk Is A Verb

Greetings, ducks! Sorry about the delay since yesterday's post, but I had to call a carpenter in--it seems my (quirky, writerly, rolltop) desk had developed a mysterious dent ever since I started using Google Reader to search for stories with the keyword "feminism." Oddly enough, the dent seemed to fit my forehead perfectly, and got deeper after each one of the mysterious headaches I seem to be suffering from--strange.

However, in any case, I now have a nice shiny new desktop, and it's time to take a look at what Google brought me today--oh. Oh, dear. Something titled "Hating Feminism."

Well, let's not be hasty; maybe it's a feminist response to people who hate feminists! My heart leaps! See, it starts well:
I know to a degree where she’s coming from. A lot of the feminist-bashing is nothing more than people taking their personal problems and putting a political spin on it. But, of course, NOW is not responsible if you can’t get sex or can’t get your wife to respect you.
Well, not great, but not bad.

We’ve all seen those people. All their stories are about someone taking advantage of them. But even before the stories started, we knew just by looking at them that we are about to deal with a loser.

But that doesn’t negate that feminism has become a cancer. Many of the complaints against the feminists are the same as against Civil Rights warriors.

Oh dear.
Women will acknowledge that a big, tall man who’s in great shape is stronger than they are. What they don’t realize is that a 5-foot-3 110 pound high school boy is still vastly stronger than any woman who’s not taking steroids (aka male hormones).
Riiight...I forgot, that high school kid can whup Laila Ali one hand behind his back--because he's stronger than every woman in the world.

Women get into an aggressive pose if you ever say that they can’t do something as well. But of course you can’t do some things as well, and you can’t do anything on an exceptional level (historic inventions, Nobel prizes).

Even when you look at things that women do much more than men (write poetry, cook, design clothes), almost all the great ones are male.

Right, because of ten millenia of denying women access to education, devaluing all work they do, and institutional sexism wherever people (read: men) do work for money that women traditionally have done for free, that in no way invalidates your argument. It's all about the biology, right? I can take comfort in that, scientifically proven....wait a second.

I'm not exactly all about the biology, you know.
The worst outrage (other than the claim by feminists in Sweden that men should be forced by law to sit on toilets like women rather than stand) is the feminist demand that all men’s room become unisex while the women’s bathrooms remain for females only. The logic is that women always have to wait in line and men don’t, so that’s just unfair.
Okay, seriously? Do not take a trans person on about the bathroom.
No society treated women as well as the West. White men didn’t put you in wooden shoes to make your feet unnaturally small, didn’t cut off your clitoris, didn’t “Honor Kill” women for being rape victims. Whether a white woman chose to be a nun or a prostitute or anything in between, she was treated with at least some level of respect.
I'm going to laugh here. Because this has to be satire, right? Because we all know how well prostitutes are treated in our society, right? I mean, they have respect, which is why so many upper-class women have traditionally turned to prostitution; you know, Victorian gentlemen went on the Grand Tour, Victorian ladies went On the Job.

Is there any way you could make your satire richer?
(Update after this was already written: I was originally thinking of writing “whore” instead of “prostitute”, but decided not to because I thought people would react to it negatively. Upon re-reading this, I realized that this in and of itself made my point – Westerners do not accept gratuitous degradation of even the lowest class women.)
I think...I think you need to, I don't know--I was going to say "take a women's studies course" but I think I'll start with, "meet a woman."

I'll just...just read a little more...I'm feeling woozy...
Just as blacks have a very special way of looking at things (black-dominated NBA is good, but white-dominated swimming is an outrage), so too do the feminists. That they dominate the Angry Bitch Studies and departments like Sociology is just taken for granted, but all hell breaks loose every time feminazis find out that engineering or physics departments are mostly male.


Wow, look at that--there's already a new dent in my desk.

I think I better keep that carpenter on speed-dial.


  1. Oh gods the comments...

    For some reason this isn't letting me paste into this box, but the one from ASDF (3rd or 4th down I think) is just........ wow.

    These people exist? Seriously? In 2009? And no one has killed them yet for the good of the gene pool?

    (Not that I'm suggesting eugenics is literally a good idea but... sheesh.)

  2. @julian: there's something weird about blogger that won't let you paste into the comments box unless you're signed in or something--I've noticed it when I've been on different computers.

    I like how the commenter right after ASDF thought "Angry Bitch Studies" was hy-larious.

  3. Do not take a trans person on about the bathroom.

    I know this wasn't supposed to be funny, but the mental image of you engaging in direct conversation with this blogger (and quite possibly reducing him to tears) cracked me up.

    The idiot said:

    No society treated women as well as the West...Whether a white woman chose to be a nun or a prostitute or anything in between...

    Women = white women. Got it. What a maroon.

  4. Hi,

    I've followed to your blog from INFJ forum. It seems that feminism is quite a big portion of your life and the article you cited is indeed stupid. My comment is more on the general topic.

    What I don't get about that whole feminist attitude is why are you so infuriated (as it's in a subtitle of your site)? The aggressive feminism worked a 100 years ago, but now is quite outdated. That aggressiveness is the very thing that turns men away instead of trying to help women with their problems. It actually acts as an excuse. And a lame one.

    How can you ever achieve anything genuinely positive if you just fight for one side and treat the other as disposable objects? That seems so wrong to me because feminists repeat the same old mistakes of patriarchalism. The only thing different is that roles are reversed now.