Wednesday, June 3, 2009

31 Days Later....

Greetings, Ducks! Today, it turns out, is the one-monthery (strictly speaking, an anniversary refers to a year. Yes, I took Latin! Yes, I am a shameless pedant!) of this blog. Which I seem to have celebrated by taking the day off (well, to be fair, that proposal I wrote the other day blossomed into further proposals and some discussions with the potential client, so I was busy.)

I want to thank all of you who have dropped by, and especially all of you who left such nice comments here. Starting a blog again was something that I did with some trepidation, and your encouragement has really been so lovely.

I had trepidation because part of my "process" (no, thank you, Anonymous!) is figuring out exactly how much my transness is going to be integrated with the rest of my life, and starting a blog where I was so open about it (albeit with personal details obscured) seemed to have the potential to swallow my life up again. After so, so many years where my transness was a constant, overriding distraction to my life, I really wanted to just try being a woman for a while.

But it's clear that I have things to say about transness, and especially about how transness intersects with feminism. So I say them here, and so far it hasn't consumed me--in fact, it's acted as a safety valve, letting me work on living a life not always dominated by where I've come from, but by where I'm going.

So thank you all for dropping by, for your encouragement and support, for giving me a reason to write every day--something I thought I might never do again. And here's to the start of our second month!

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  1. Quack!

    Found you through shakesville and PHB, and you're right, I think transwomen have interesting things to say about feminism.